Lies…Lies and MORE LIES!!!

If you’ve tried other opportunities before, you know exactly what we’re talking about!  Most all of them simply don’t work and you end up losing more and more money!  Are you fed up with everyone lying to you and stealing your money?  All they do is leave you with empty promises, which in turn, leaves you with an empty bank account!  The worst part is…all this lying is costing you a fortune!

 If you’re sick of all the unscrupulous program operators that lie and cheat, trying to get you to join their worthless programs…making promises that they don’t keep…and stealing your money…then this will be a breath of fresh air for you!

Welcome to Quarterly Connection

This web site is going to tell you everything about who we are, what we do and how we can help you to finally become successful working from home.  We’re not looking for opportunity seekers, tire kickers or program jumpers.  We’re only looking for people who are ready to realistically make a change in their financial situations!   It doesn’t matter where you live, how old or young you are (must be 18 or older), what your level of education is, what your background is or even what you look like!  None of that stuff matters!  All you need to bring to the table is “desire”…and the willingness to do a little work!

 It doesn’t matter if you’ve had any previous marketing experience or not.  It doesn’t matter if you have any computer knowledge or not.  The only thing that matters is your desire and willingness to follow simple instructions.  And when we say simple, we really do mean simple!  No special skills are required.

Our Economy is in the Toilet!

And the fact of the matter is…it’s going to get even worse before it gets better.  And if you think that the media is telling you the truth about how things are getting better…then think again!  The national unemployment rate is more than double what all the statistical reports claim!

More money is being printed daily and the government keeps asking to raise their borrowing power more, so they can print even MORE money…weakening the U.S. Dollar more and more along the way!  We could go on and on.  But, the truth is…you don’t need us to tell you how bad things are.  You know.  You’re living it right now!  And, besides…that’s not why you’re reading this anyway.  People don’t need to hear more about the problems!  People need a solution!  Something that actually works!  After all, that’s all anyone wants…something that really and truly works!  That’s not asking so much!  Is it?

The nonsense stops here!  We have developed a powerful…yet simple system that works!  You’ll be the one to determine what your income level will be…whether that means just making a few hundred extra bucks each month or a few thousand – the choice is yours!  Are you just looking for a little extra money each month to help out with expenses?  Or, are you looking to move into that new home that you’ve been dreaming about for all those years?  Are you ready to see real results with a program that really works?  Your time has finally come.  We can help you get to where you want to be financially…FAST!

How Do We Know It Works?

Because we built it!  We see the results first hand…every day!  We use the exact same system that you’ll be using.  This is how we make our money.  It’s working for many right now!  And it will work for you exactly the same way – with no exceptions.  No more “guy at the top” making all the money.  Now it’s a level playing field for everyone.  You’ll be getting the very same sales letter that makes us money hand over fist, every day, without fail, no matter where you live or what you’re doing.

So…What is Quarterly Connection?

We believe that Quarterly Connection is the “Last Genuine Opportunity” out there today.  Yes, we know. That’s a big statement.  But, we sincerely believe it to be true.  No, we are not a new company and this is not a new idea.  We launched Quarterly Connection over a year ago.  We took a simple opportunity, one that was responsible for our own success…then, we “tweaked” it, making it far more powerful, yet much, more simple at the same time…and we are now making it available for everyone.  This is your chance to get in on something BIG…right from the very beginning!

 This is 10 times more powerful and works 100 times better than anything out there today!  So, if it really works so well, why don’t we just keep this system all to ourselves?  That’s a great question!  Simple answer:  First and foremost – duplication.  If you make money…we make money.  The more money you make – the more money we make!  It’s a win – win situation for everyone who works with us.

An Honest, Legitimate and Proven Money Making System

We are not here to present a way to “get rich quick”!  By now, I’m sure that you know there’s no such thing.  However, with a little faith, some dedication and a little work…you can start making a considerable amount of cash very quickly, which can rapidly snowball.  We have put together something here where you don’t need a computer or the internet, and it works far better and faster than anything we’ve ever seen before…period!

Life is precious…and it’s short…and we all only get one shot!  Where will you be 90 days from now?  Do you have a backup plan for a better life?  Will your life be any different in 90 days than it is today?  Or, will you just be 90 days older… like everyone else who is willing to settle for less?

Some people will say, “I can’t afford to do this!”  NO…you can’t afford NOT to do this!  In today’s economy, many people can’t even afford a night out on the town.  But that’s not what this is all about.  This is about you being able to afford anything and everything you want!  This is something that you cannot afford to let slip away. Those who think they can’t afford this…need it MORE than anyone!

The mail order industry will pay out millions of dollars this year to people just like you.  Isn’t it time that you become one of those people?  Making big money from home is usually the number 1 reason why people want to start a home based business.  That’s why you’re going to love our system, our unique compensation plan and our products.  Our system puts YOU in the MONEY fast!  While most program operators only care about receiving their monitor fees and then letting you sit out in the cold, we make sure that you are into profit fast!  Remember…the more money you make…the more money we make!

We are not just some company doing mass mailings.  Our mailing list is company generated.  Your name has been hand-picked from a list of, what we believe to be, qualified people.  Most people, who are serious about making money from home, will respond.  No list is perfect and ours is no exception.  For those that do not respond, we simply close their spot and move on to hand picking the next qualified person.  Some people are more serious about changing their lives than others.  These are the people that we want to work with.  The quicker you respond…the more serious we will take you.

 It doesn’t matter what you’ve tried before and whether you were successful or failed miserably!  It doesn’t matter if you have a computer or not.  You will not be chasing family or friends and you won’t be buying or selling a bunch of crap that nobody wants.  You’ll simply leverage the system that is already in place.  And that will allow you to earn loads of cash while learning the tricks of the trade at the same time.  You will leverage and capitalize on some of the most powerful business tactics available today.

Show Me The Money!

Before we get into the “Products”, we’ll jump right to the compensation plan and explain how it works and why it’s set up the way it is.  People like to know how they are going to make money and how much money they can make!  It should be clear once you’ve finished reading this section.

 There are basically 5 types of compensation plans (pay plans).  The Uni-level, the Binary, the Stairstep Breakaway, the Matrix and the Australian 2-Up.   There are many variations to these 5 types of plans.  We will not go into all the variations here.  When you become a member, you’ll learn all this and more.  For now, we’ll concentrate on our comp plan, as we know it is the most powerful comp plan ever devised.

 To our knowledge, our compensation plan has never been done before.  There have been variations of it, which will be explained later.  But, we don’t know of any company that has used this exact same model.  When you see it for the very first time, it will always seem a lot more complicated than it really is.  But, like most things in life…once you study it a little bit…it becomes more clear and more simple.

Our Quarterly Connection Infinite Pay Plan

Unlike all the other types of comp plans, that only pay you through a few levels…our plan pays through infinity.  However, in order to get paid through infinity, you have to “give something up.”  Otherwise, it would never work mathematically.  In our business model, you will be “passing up” some of your sales.  Over the years, there have been many names for these “pass up” sales.  They have been called “training sales”.  They have been called “qualifying sales”.  There are probably other names for them.  We will simply call them “pass up” sales.  No, this is not a negative thing…it is truly a blessing in disguise!

 There are many pros and a few cons about passing up sales.  We will not cover all of them here.  Once again, you’ll learn all this and more when you become a member.  What we will say is that the pros definitely outnumber the cons…making this one of the most powerful comp plans of all time.

Rather than spending a lot of time and space here explaining all of the positive points and all of the negative points about the compensation plan, we think your time will be better spent simply learning how it is going to work for you once you become a member.  You can learn all of the smaller details later.

How About 100% Commissions!

This is one of the greatest things about this type of comp plan.  Instead of the tiny little checks people get from different MLM’s, with our comp plan, you get paid 100% commissions.  In other words, you make a $25 sale…you get paid a $25 commission!  You continue to get paid $25 commissions through infinity.  How can this be possible?  As we said before, in order to get paid through infinity, you have to give something up.  So, to get paid 100% commissions through infinity, we’ll give up or pass up a few sales.

At first, when people hear the words “pass up sales”…they immediately get a negative opinion.  Never fear, we were all the same way when we first heard the expression.  But, once you see the power of it all, we think you will have the same opinion that we do.  And that is…pass ups are a good thing!  Now, you may be thinking, “How can passing up sales be a good thing?”  Good question…simple answer.  When you pass up a few sales to a few other people, MORE people will be passing up sales to YOU…through infinity!  That means MORE money in your bank account!  That’s the power of our comp plan.

Here’s How It Works

While passing up sales is nothing new.  The way we do it is!  Here’s how it works.  While we also have several products with different prices…we will discuss our “Basic Product Package” which sells for $25 and pays out $25 in commissions.

  • Your 1st sale goes to you and pays you $25.  That’s $25 in your pocket.
  • Your 2nd sale is passed up.
  • Your 3rd sale goes to you.  That’s another $25 in your pocket.
  • Your 4th sale is passed up.
  • Your 5th and 6th sales go to you.  That’s an additional $50 in your pocket.
    (Note:  With only 6 total sales, you have earned $100!) (Compare that to any $25 MLM.)
  • Your 7th sale is passed up.
  • Your 8th and 9th sales go to you.  That’s an additional $50!
  • Your 10th sale is passed up.
  • Your 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th sales go to you.  That’s an additional $100.
  • Your 15th sale is passed up.
    (That’s a total residual income of $250 with only 15 personal sales!)

After 15 sales, you will continue to keep 4 sales and pass up 1…keep 4 and pass up 1.  This will go on and on…through infinity, for as long as a person continues to sponsor new people.  Of course, we are aware that most people will sponsor less than 15 people.  On the other hand, there are also many people that will sponsor 100 or more people.  Some will even sponsor 1000 or more.  These are the people that we call the “big hitters” in the industry.  We anticipate more and more “big hitters” coming into our program because of the ease of recruiting new members, making more and more sales…and generating bigger and bigger commissions!  A compensation plan like this just can’t be ignored by professionals.

Getting Paid Through Infinity

The key to making big money in this industry is through leverage.  This is how you’ll be able to leverage your income with Quarterly Connection.  As you can see from the model above, you are passing up sales 2, 4, 7 and 10…then, every 5th sale thereafter. (15, 20, 25, 30, etc.)  What this means to you is…your people will also be passing up the same sales to you! 

 For instance, the 1st person that you sponsored will pass up their 2, 4, 7 and 10 (etc)…sales up to you.  But, it doesn’t stop there!  ALL of your other personal sales (not including pass ups) numbers 3,5, 6, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19 (etc)…will ALL be passing up sales to you too!  This goes on through infinity!  It is powerful!  It is HUGE!  And, it is true LEVERAGE at its best! 

 It is sometimes difficult to grasp in your mind just how powerful this model is.  Basically, every new person that you recruit is another potential infinite pay line!  When you are getting paid 100% commissions through infinity, you can begin to understand how fortunes are being made with this model!  It only takes a very few people working together to make your income explode!

 Here is an example that makes it a little easier to understand.  Let’s say that you sponsor 10 people.  You get paid $25 each for persons 1, 3, 5, 6, 8 and 9…for a total of $150 in your pocket.  You passed up persons 2, 4, 7 and 10.  Now, this is where the magic begins!  The people in your pay lines, persons 1, 3, 5, 6, 8 and 9 each sponsor 10 people.  That’s 6 people each passing up 4 sales each to you. That’s 6 X 4 = 24 sales @ $25 each for a total additional income of $600.

 Now, before we stop…we’ll take it just 1 step further.  Those 24 people that were passed up to you will also be passing up 4 sales each to you.  So, if they each made 10 sales, 24 X 4 = 96 sales @ $25 each for a total of $2400 additional income…for a GRAND TOTAL of $3150.  Keep in mind that this goes on through INFINITY!!!  And this was all from sponsoring just 10 people!  Now think about it.  With this kind of income coming in, do you really think people will stop with just 10?  What will you do?

This is a good place to explain that we have 2 more product packages.  (Our $25 product is the “Silver” plan.  We have a “Gold” plan that pays $100 commissions.  We have a “Platinum” plan that pays $300 commissions.  Of all the people that purchase the $25 product…1 out of 3 will upgrade to the $100 product.  Those that upgrade to the $100 product, 1 out of 3 will upgrade to the $300 product.

 Now, if you do the math, you will see that it really is possible to make $11,500 in 90 days.  If you do a 500 piece mailing and get a 2% sign up rate…you will sponsor 10 people.  You have 30 days to do that.  It’s easy to do a 500 piece mailing in 1 week.  In 12 days, 75% of your signups will come in.  The rest will come in over the course of the remaining 30 days.

 Then, those people have 30 days to do a 500 piece mailing.  And, their people have 30 days to do their 500 piece mailing.  That’s it!  $11,500 in 90 days.  However, if you do the math for an additional 30 days, your income would be well over $40,000!  And that is how you create a $10,000 per month residual income!  We have checked our figures over and over many times…and they are correct!

  • Disclaimer  At this point – we are required by law to tell you that…No Income Is Guaranteed!  All the previous examples are only to show you what is possible.  Some people will make no money at all.  Your income, if any, will depend on your hard work and your work ethic.  Some people will do no work and will make no money.  Some people will work more and make more.


Our Products Explained

Now that you have a better understanding of our “Compensation Plan”…it’s time to talk about our products.  In all legitimate businesses, in order to make money…something has to be sold.  As mentioned earlier, our products consist of “Marketing Materials, Tools and Education”.  As boring as it may sound to some people, we consider our business to be an “Educational Business” and we sell “Educational Products”.  Our “Educational Products” cover all phases of marketing…from the basics of “Direct Mail” (our $25 product) to “Copy Writing” (our $100 product) and eventually “Internet Marketing” (our $300 product).  We call these our “Quarterly Success Kits”…Silver, Gold and Platinum.

More Products = More Power!

Now that you are aware we have 3 product packages available, let us explain how the numbers work and how this will boost your income even more!  While everyone will want to be in at the top of the comp plan, everyone starts out at the $25 level.  Yes, you can upgrade at any time.  And truthfully, the sooner you upgrade…the better. However, we know that many people simply will not be able to afford to upgrade until they are into profit.  And, that’s ok!  Everyone had to learn to walk before they could run.

 You’ll soon learn that things in this business happen in 3’s.  Let us explain.  For every 3 people that join at the basic Level 1 ($25 level), one of them will upgrade to Level 2 ($100 level).  For every 3 people that upgrade to Level 2, one of them will upgrade to Level 3 ($300 Level).  If you apply these numbers to the income example that was given before, you can see how your income really will explode for those willing to put in the work!

 We are sure that you’ve seen and read income claims about how some people make $10K, $20K and even $50K or more per month in this industry.  As hard as it is to believe, there really are people making that kind of money.  The question is…”Are you going to be one of those people?”  Do those kinds of numbers scare you?  Do you think you can do it?  We believe that, with the right company and the right training, anyone can do it!  You have everything right here to make that happen.

Marketing is EVERYTHING!

You see, there are really only two reasons why you may have not had any success working from home.  The first reason is…perhaps you simply chose the wrong business to join.  This happens all the time because there are so many scams out there in the market place.  The second reason, which is also the main reason…is that you probably don’t know the correct way to market.  Here’s why I say that this is probably the main reason.  If you knew the correct way to market, you would still be able to make money!  Even if you picked the wrong business…you would still make money!  Marketing is everything!

This is where our “Products” come into play.  We are going to teach you exactly how to market correctly!  If you remember, when we were explaining about our “Comp Plan”…we explained how everyone starts out at the “Basic $25 Level”…or “Silver”.  This is where your marketing education begins.  Everyone in the home business industry will benefit from our training!  Even seasoned professional marketers will learn new tricks that they can use!  Many will be joining us!  Guaranteed!

 Everyone that joins our company will start out with “Quarterly Success Kit – 1”.  We start out with “Direct Mail”.  What we personally love about “Direct Mail”…is that anyone can do it!  We mean anyone!  But, there are several little tricks that you’ll learn that will make your response rates skyrocket! 

 We’ve been tracking our response rates since we went into pre-launch back in June of 2012.  Each day, we were truly amazed when we received our mail!  In all our years of “Direct Mail” marketing, we had never seen a sales piece pull such a great response during the middle of summer!  Never!!!  Then, when we got into the winter months…the best months of the year…we were just blown away!  This is HOT!

 Excuse us for our excitement and for getting off the subject a little.  But when we start writing about all this stuff…we can’t help ourselves!  What we were about to explain is this.  Even though “Direct Mail” is the most basic of all marketing techniques…it is also one of the most powerful!  Add to that fact that, anyone who can follow simple directions can do it…and it makes for a win-win situation for all!

 You will also receive education on mindset.  You may not believe it (yet), but you’ll learn that mindset is 10 times more important than skill set!  I know…I know…the first time someone talked to me about mindset, I thought it was all rainbows and unicorns!  That’s the nice way of putting it.  To put it more bluntly…I thought it was all…BS!  I thought that all it took was hard work!  And I’ll tell you…I did work hard for years and years…with very little to show for my efforts.  Finally, I decided that maybe there was something to all this mindset stuff after all…and I began to study.  That’s when things started to change!

 The great Napoleon Hill wrote, “Anything that the mind can conceive and believe…it can achieve”!  That comes from the book, “Think and Grow Rich”!  Your success will be determined by the way you think.  If you think and believe that you’ll be successful…you will be!  There is nothing that can stop you!  I didn’t find real success with my own home business until I changed my thinking.  It was Henry Ford that said, “No matter if you think you can…or if you think you can’t…you’re right!”  Your “Quarterly Success Kits” will devote a lot of time to mindset.  It’s that important!

I am aware that, for some people…all this stuff about mindset may seem a little too far out!  It may even seem insignificant.  All I can say to those people is…if you can find success on your own, without any mindset education…more power to you!  I wish you nothing but the best!  However, the fact will always remain the same.  Mindset will always be more important than skill set!  Enough said on that topic.

 I don’t mean to go on and on about our products and what all they can do to lead you down the right road to financial freedom.  But, it’s important to know exactly what you’ll be selling!  Even though we fill all the orders…and we do all the talking on the phone to your customers…there will still be some people that will be calling you on the phone.  Yes, we also have “Telephone Education”.  You’ll learn to be quiet and listen instead of trying to convince people to do anything.  We cover all the bases!

 Along with your “Education”…you’ll also receive all the “Tools” that you need to get your home business started immediately.  There is no learning curve!  When you receive your first “Quarterly Success Kit”…there will be easy, simple step by step instructions on exactly what to do from day one!  All you have to do is follow our directions and you will find success!  As I said before, the only ones that will ever fail with our system…are the ones who do nothing at all.  If you take action…you will be successful!  We have a lady in her 50’s that recently joined our company.  She had never made any money from home in her life!  Nothing ever worked for her!  And she had joined countless programs and opportunities!  In just 8 days…she was making money!  It worked for her and it will work for you!

Included in your “Quarterly Success Kits” are 100 fresh, high quality targeted leads that you’ll be mailing to.  These are not your ordinary opportunity leads.  These leads are company generated and are people that have already expressed interest in making money from home.  They are the best!  These leads are guaranteed to get results and are guaranteed to be deliverable!  That is all covered in your “Quarterly Success Kit – 1”.  You’ll learn how to put the perfect “Direct Mail” piece together that will bring you the best possible results.  This is not hype or BS!  We thoroughly tested everything before we even let our first customer join us!  We are giving you a proven system that works the first time and that will continue to work every time!  All you have to do is…take action!

 There are only 2 reasons why people will not buy what you are selling.  The first reason is…they have no interest whatsoever in your product or business.  The second reason is…they simply don’t believe you!  People who believe that they already know it all…will not join this business.  They will not be interested in becoming a “Master Marketer”…because they think that they already know it all! (Some may join because they understand the power of our compensation plan.)  There are others that will not join for the simple fact that they just don’t believe that this is all true!  It is all a matter of what they think!

 Those people who have the vision to see the value in what we’ve put together here…will not hesitate for a minute to become a part of it all!  People join opportunities because they have a problem.  That problem usually has something to do with finances.  Most people need more money!  We have the solution to that problem.  We have a simple road-map to success if you will.  And, just like a road map…all a person has to do is follow the directions!  And, they’ll get to where they want to go!

A Quarterly Program Makes More Sense

I can’t honestly say that we are the very first “Quarterly Program”.  It’s possible that someone somewhere may have tried the idea before.  What I can say, in all honesty, is that I am not familiar with any business that has ever used the “Quarterly” idea before.  But if you think about it…it really does make more sense.  There’s a reason why “1 time pay only” programs never last!  There’s a reason why pyramid schemes and illegal gifting programs always fail!  You’ll learn all this and more in your “Quarterly Success Kits”!

 In order to create a residual income, it’s important to get paid from the same people over and over.  That requires ongoing product sales and purchases.  However, in my opinion, a business that charges their distributors monthly is stacked in favor of the company and not in favor of the distributor!  Before the distributor even has enough time to start making any money…it’s time for them to have to pay again!  That doesn’t seem fair to me!  With “Quarterly Connection”…everyone has a full 3 months to get their businesses rollingbefore they’re required to purchase product again. We think our distributors should have plenty of time to make some money before they have to worry about paying again!  Don’t you?

 After a full 3 months, you’ll know…beyond a shadow of a doubt that our system works! You’ll have had plenty of time to prove to yourself that our system does everything that we say it does.  At the end of 3 months, if you’re satisfied with the results…then, and only then will you be required to make another purchase.  What could be fairer than that?

Are You Happy With Your Job?

Did you know that 95% of all workers are not happy with what they are doing to make a living?  That’s assuming that you are one of the lucky ones that even have a job in today’s tough economy!  Or, perhaps you are retired.  Or maybe you’re a stay at home mom or dad.  Maybe you’re just someone who needs to make a little extra money to help out with monthly expenses.  No matter what you’re doing right now to make a living…there’s a 95% chance that you don’t like it!  And, the next question would be, “Do you want to do that for the rest of your life?”  Wouldn’t you rather be making money right from your home?

Wouldn’t you rather start your own home based business where you don’t have to answer to anyone but yourself?  Wouldn’t you rather be the one who determines when you start to work?  Wouldn’t you rather be the one who determines how long you want to work and whether it’s morning, afternoon or evening?  We are going to provide you with everything that you need to start your own profitable home based business.  All you have to bring to the table is desire…and then take action!

 We have positioned our company in front of millions and millions of people that want to make a financial change in their lives!  A change for the better!  And we’ll never run out of people that need and want what we have to offer.  With more than 70,000 new people, each and every week, looking for a way to make extra money from home…I would say that there are enough customers out there for everyone!   All you have to do now, to improve your financial situation for the better, is to take action!  People rarely fail financially because they “tried and failed”.  They fail simply because they did not take action!

You Are Going To Learn The Truth!

Here are only a few of the things you’re going to learn:


  • Why you’ll NEVER make a realistic income with an “Illegal” program.
  • Why “Mindset” is much, MUCH more important than “Skill Set”.
  • Why “Gifting” programs are illegal and will always fail!
  • Why “One Time Pay Only” programs can never last.
  • Why “1-Ups” and “2-Ups” are not a good choice.
  • Why “Phases” never worked and never will.
  • Why “Feeder” programs are short lived.

    You’ll learn all this and MORE when you become a member!

 Important Fact:  Take any 100 people at the start of their working careers and follow them for 40 years until they reach retirement age.  According to the Social Security Administration, here’s what you’ll find:  Only 1 will be wealthy; 4 will be financially secure; 5 will continue working, not because they want to but because they have to; 36 will be dead; and 54 will be dead broke – dependent on their meager Social Security checks, friends, relatives and even charity for a minimum standard of living.  That’s 5% successful and 95% unsuccessful.  Which group do you want to be in?  You do have a choice!

Now It’s Time To Take Action!

Now, it’s time for you to make a decision.  And, no matter what that decision is…I want you to take some sort of action!  The action that I want you to take is to fill out the application on the next page…and rush it to us with your payment!  We want you to join us and become a part of it all!   I know that we’ve covered a lot here!  I also know that it’s important for you to know who we are and what we’re all about!

Now, for the BIG question!  How much is all this going to cost?  It will cost you $39.95 to join us.  Yes, I know that we talked about Level 1 being $25.  We charge a $14.95 Quarterly Affiliate Fee.  This is how we are able to pay 100% commissions and stay in business with a small profit.  However, keep in mind that…it’s not monthly…it is quarterly!  There’s a very good reason why we decided on this price.  We wanted to filter out the tire kickers and the program jumpers!  We are not looking for dreamers!  We are only looking for “doers”!  Action takers!  This is not one of those “cheap opportunities” that you’re used to seeing in the mail all the time.  If that’s what you’re looking for, there are plenty of those out there!  If you’re looking for a cheap $5, $10 or $20 program with a “Mickey Mouse” pay plan…this is not for you!  This is for serious people who are action takers!

 This is a real business that can solve all your financial problems once and for all!  Nothing about our company is cheap!  We are “First Class” all the way and we intend to give you “First Class” service!  If you think about it, $39.95 is less money than a night out on the town!  If you break it down even more, it’s only about $13 per month!  Only one sale per month will more than offset your quarterly fee!  Anything more than that and you’re well into profit!  Think carefully…can you afford NOT to do this?

 Maybe you’ll need to read through this material again to make your decision, before you take any kind of action.  If that’s the case…then by all meansread it again!  Do whatever it takes to make the right choice, the right decision for you!  Then, after you’ve made your decision…take action!

 We realize that this business is not for everyone.  There will be some that simply don’t have the desire to make a change in their lives.  And…that’s ok too!  But, even if you’ve decided that this is not for you…I still want you to take action!  If you sent in $3 for an info pack, I want you to put this back in the envelope and send it back to us!  When we receive it…we will send you DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK back…plus the postage that you paid to send it!  We are not in the $3 order business here!  We are in the business of helping people to become financially independent! 

In closing, I want to “Thank You” again…one more time!  And I sincerely hope that we’ll be working together real soon!  No matter what your decision is, become a person of action!  Take action now!

 If you have any questions, we ask that you call your sponsor first.  In the event that your sponsor can’t answer your questions or is not available…feel free to call on me personally!  I’m here to help!

 Once again, no matter what action you decide to take…do it now!  Don’t put if off!  Take action now!

 I wish you all the best!  May God bless you!

 Most Sincerely,

 Dan Wharton

 Daniel Wharton

Marketing Director


P.S.  You can download an “Application” and “Rush” it to us TODAY!!!

P.S.S.  Be sure to write your Sponsor’s name and Code on the Application. We MUST have this information to process your order.  If you do not know who your sponsor is…contact us by phone or by email and we can help you.