Meet The CEO

Quarterly Connection was founded in April of 2012.

Realizing that, since the birth of the Internet, the Direct Mail Industry was lacking a good, honest way for people to make a good honest income working from home, a group of Professional Marketers and Entrepreneurs put their heads together and came up with something new and different.

There were many trials and errors along the way as Quarterly Connection was being put together.  In other words, there were a lot of FLOPS!  But, with each flop, they walked away with more and more good information to help make Quarterly Connection what it is today.  It is steadily becoming one of the very best programs in Direct Mail history.

Meet Natalie Anderson, the CEO.

Natalie started out her marketing education, not too long ago, on the internet. Realizing quickly that there was such a long learning curve to become a successful internet marketer, she started exploring Direct Mail Marketing.

But, her internet marketing experience was not spent in vain.  She walked away with an education in marketing second to none and met many successful friends and entrepreneurs that would become an important part of Quarterly Connection.

Natalie realized that in order to have the very best Marketing Business in the world, she needed to surround herself with the very best Marketers in the world.  The only way to accomplish that was to put together a program that would attract the best Marketers in the world.  In only a few short months, Quarterly Connection had several World Class Marketers sign on.  And, like they say, the rest is history!

Do your due diligence and read over all the materials on this site.  We think you will agree, there is no better program in the market place today!