Joining Now?  Follow These Important Instructions.

1.  First of all, we are a Direct Mail Company.  We are in the process of becoming a combination Direct Mail/Internet Company.  We are still several weeks away from being 100% internet set up.  This gives you an advantage and locks in the best possible position if you join now.  The first thing you need to do is read all about the opportunity on the “Home Page” tab at the top…if you have not already done so.  Then, when you are sure that you want to join, you will need to Download an Application for the “Downloads” tab at the top.  The Application will look like the copy below.

2.  You will need to write in your “Sponsor” name.  If you came here from a Direct Mail piece, you have the Sponsor Info.  It is on the Flyer that you received and is under the “Invited By” space.  Then, under that, you will see the “Sponsor Code”.  All this information is found on the Flyer.  The “Code” is the most important part as this is how we track everyone in the system.  On the “Flyer” you received, it has a box that says, “Invited By”.  This has the Sponsor Name, the Sponsor Phone and the “Code” is under the phone number.  We MUST have all the “Sponsor Information” to process your order.  Applications without this information cannot be processed.

3.  Now, you have several choices about “how” to pay and get your Application to us.  If you are using Check, Cash or Money Order, you will mail it to us at:  Quarterly Connection – P.O. Box 468 – Moffat, CO  81143.  If you are using your Credit Card, you will fill in your information and do the same.  Or, either Fax it to us at: 719-655-2633…or you can scan it and email it to us at:

If you do not have a way to scan your application, you can email us your Name, Address and Phone, along with your Sponsor Information  and Credit Card information.  We will immediately process your order and get it in the mail to you.  You will still need to mail us “Hard Copy”.  However, this will save you some time if you are wanting to get started immediately.  Everything can cross in the mail.

Below is what the Application looks like.  You could also just print this entire page if you wanted.  We are trying to make it as fast and easy as we can until we are fully automated.

This is a wonderful opportunity that really does work and we have lots and lots of successful people.  At this stage of the game, there are very few internet people that know about us.  So, that make for a HUGE market for us!

We are sorry there are so many “hoops” to jump through to becoming a member.  It will get easier and easier as time goes on.  Thank you and we are excited to “Welcome” you as one of our newest Members!

Quarterly Connection Basic Member Application

This is what the application will look like.  You can download one from the downloads tab above.  Be SURE to write in the Sponsor’s Name, Phone Number and Code.  If you do not have any sponsor information, contact us for information.  We cannot process your application without Sponsor Information.  Any applications received without Sponsor Information will be returned.


Your Name (As you want it on your Flyer)_________________________________________________


Your Legal Name (For Commission Checks) __________________________________________


Mailing Address____________________________________________________________


City or Town______________________________  State _________Zip_________________


Phone _______-_______-_____________ Fax (Optional) _______ – _______ – ____________


Email (Please include if you have one) _____________________________________________


Date of Birth (Must be 18 years or older) __________________________________________


Social Security or Tax ID Number_______________________________________________


We are aware that there is a lot of fraud out there and that this is private information.  However, in order for us to “legally” pay you commissions, we MUST have this information.  If you do not wish to provide us with your number at this time, and you want to wait until you have earned commissions, that is perfectly fine.  You may “skip” it for now.  But remember, we will need this information before we can pay you more than $600 in commissions.  All “sensitive” information is stored in our “Locked, Fireproof Vault”!  We will NOT share your information with anyone!


By my Signature, I certify that I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions Agreement.



 – Payment Information –

 We accept Credit Cards, Checks, Money Orders or Cash – US Dollars Only

* Note: If you are paying by Credit Card, you understand and agree that all sales are final and that you will not issue a “Charge Back” to your Credit Card Company. If you are paying by Check, you understand and agree that should your check be returned for insufficient funds, it is immediately sent to “Collections” and there will be a $25 NSF Fee. ** Note: If you must send cash, you do so at your own risk. Please wrap in dark paper for added security. Make payment to: “Quarterly Connection International”.

Total to join:  USA – $99.    Canada & Mexico – $119.  All Other Countries – $119


Circle Your Payment Method:  Cash – Check – Credit Card – Money Order


_____ I enclose $99  – USA Members – * Money Order – Cashier’s Check – ** Cash- Credit Card

_____ I enclose $109  US Dollars – Canada and Mexico.

_____ I enclose $119 US Dollars – All Other Countries.

_____ Ship My Order “Priority Mail” – USA only.  I enclose an extra $5 – USA Only.

CREDIT CARD INFO: (Underline One) Visa – MasterCard – Discover –  American Express

Your Name (Exactly as it is on your card.) ___________________________________________________

Card Number _____________________________________________Amount to Charge____________

Expiration Date __________ Security Code __________ Signature _______________________________

Mail To:  Quarterly Connection – P.O. Box 468Moffat, CO  81143


 Sponsor:                                                                  Phone:                                                 Sponsor Code:

 For Faster Service, you can fax your order to:  719:;655:;2633