You can download an Application to Join…New Web App

IMPORTANT!  After you have downloaded the application to your computer, be SURE to edit it and put in your Sponsor’s NAME….you Sponsor’s PHONE NUMBER…and your Sponsor’s CODE.  This is a Word Doc and can be edited easily.

The “Terms and Conditions” document is attached to the Application.  We must have this also.  Sign it and date it and return it with your application.

Without all this information, we will not be able to process your order.  We are a direct mail company and will always be a direct mail company.  After you have printed your application and terms agreement, fill in all your information and mail it to us with the correct payment.

Note:  You may pay by Check, Cash, Credit Card or Money Order.

Members can download a new Flyer (June 2017)…HERE – This is the latest 1 Page Flyer.

IMPORTANT!  After you have downloaded your new sales letter to your computer, be SURE to add your NAME, your PHONE NUMBER and your CODE.  This is a Word Doc and can be easily edited.  We will need this information to give you credit for people who respond to your sales letter.

Members can download a new Order Form… HERE!

If you need to order marketing materials, you can download the order form to your computer and print it.  Then, mail it to us with the correct payment and we will fill your order.

Note:  If you wish to pay by Credit Card, you can save time by Faxing your order to us.  Our Fax Number is 719:655:2633.  You can also scan and email if you wish.

Newest Cover Letter (June 2017)… Click Here!

Most people make their own cover letters.  However, this is one we use and you can edit it and use it too.  If you want to add your email and/or web site, you can change the font in the address or you can edit the P.S.S.  Get creative!  If all else fails, send in an order form and we can make you one.

If you would like to make a copy of the $3 Info Kit, you can download it below.  It is in 3 parts.  There is the cover, there is the cover letter, and there is the 12 page Info Kit.  Here are the 3 download links:

1.  Download the Cover Here

2.  Download the Cover Letter Here

3.  Download the 12 page Info Kit Here

Please let us know if there are other downloads that you would like to see here…