The Top 3 Lead Sources

1.     This is the Number 1 List that we recommend for personal mailings.  Home Business Advertiser
Bob Schwartz & Company
15 Village Square
Marietta, PA  17547
Phone:  717-426-2438
Fax:  717-313-5892

Call for prices.  Very Reasonable.  You can also do a search to find their Website. (Minimum Order 250)

Update:  Here is a link to the HBA website:

2.    This is our Number 2 Choice and we are still in the testing phase.

NorthCo List Company
P.O. Box 133
Osseo, MN  55369

Phone:  763-424-4390                                                      email:

Prices are for labels.  No live website for ordering.  You must call to place your order.

Nixie Policy:  Will replace nixies with 10 new names plus postage!  Excellent!  Use your own return address!  This service along with a good list makes for a win-win situation!

If you need more information, visit their website:

3.     This is the list we use for our Co-op mailings.   Their leads are less expensive direct than if you buy from us.

TJT Marketing Associates
P.O. Box  55685
Valencia, CA  91385
Phone:  661-291-2353
Fax:  661-291-2354

Minimum Order is 300 names for $25.  Owners name is “Terry”.  Another one of the “good guys” in the industry.  You can also do a search for their Website.These are our Top 3 Recommendations.  When you order, be sure to tell them that you are working the “Quarterly Connection” program so that you do not get duplicate leads for the same program.

Note:  If you are a person that is here because you wish to be removed from a mailing list, I would suggest writing to all of them with your request.  We do not maintain a name list here at Quarterly Connection so we cannot remove you from a list that we do not have.