Steps to Join FundMyCause

We now have our Member’s Site.  Go to:

Follow all the instructions and be sure to watch the videos along the way.

Be sure to click on the “Rules” Tab at the top of the page also.

Ready to start recruiting?  You can download a Flyer that you can personalize here…


Be SURE to put in “Your Username” on the BIG “Join Now” Link just past midway on the page.  Change the “your-username” to “Your” FMC Username.

To recruit, you will send prospects to:

Be SURE to give people your Username or your Join Link!


Now Here…Postcards for Fund My Cause!

Here is the link:

Coming Soon – Postcards for our other opportunities!


New FMC Wallet!  Must set up ASAP!

Here is a video on how to set up your new wallet: