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Note:  There is NO Flyer Down-load here.  All Flyers must be ordered directly from Quarterly Connection.  This is discourage any cheating!

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Generic Cover letter…Click Here!

Generic Cover Letter With Incentives…Click Here!

The next 2 cover letters are the ones that Natalie and Steve mail.  You will see that they are very similar to the Generic ones above.  You are free to use them as they are or make changes, but you must, of course, edit them with your own name and personal info.

Natalie Anderson Cover Letter…Click Here!

Sky High Marketing Cover Letter…Click Here!

The next cover letter is the one that Steve uses for “Reverse Mailings”.  Click Here!

These cover letters are here to give you marketing ideas.  You are welcome to use any of the cover letters for your own personal use.  Be sure to edit them with your correct personal information.