Leadership Levels

L – 0 – New Member – Personally Sponsor 0 to 4. No Infinity Bonus.

L – 1 – Personally Sponsor 5 to 9. $2 Infinity Bonus thru 2 Generations.

L – 2 – Personally Sponsor 10 to 24. $5 Infinity Bonus thru 2 Generations.

L – 3 – Personally Sponsor 25 to 49. $5 Infinity Bonus thru 3 Generations.

L – 4 – Personally Sponsor 50 to 99. $5 Infinity Bonus thru 4 Generations.

L – 5 – Personally Sponsor 100 or more. $5 Infinity Bonus thru 5 Generations.

Understand that a “Generation” is not a “Level”.  The software will search each individual “leg” and look for the next person in that single line that is at the same qualification level as you.  That is 1 generation.  It will continue to search the same leg until it gets to the 2nd person with the same qualifications as you.  That is 2 generations.  It will continue to search until it finds the 3rd person that is qualified.  If you are a L-1 or an L-2, it would cut off just before this 3rd person.

Then, the process starts all over again with the next “leg”.

As you continue to sponsor, you are rewarded with deeper and deeper infinity bonus paid.

Most people will not understand this.  And, it is not important to understand.  It is only important that you continue to build your business.  Then, you will always gets paid thru infinity.